Our Team


Within Europe we are about 50 motivated and well skilled employees, ready to tackle your new challenges. We are located in The Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

MD Europe    -  Satoshi Matsumura  (located in Frankfurt)
Europe Sales -  Takafumi Asai (located in Duesseldorf) 

 The Netherlands


General Manager Mr. A. Matsuo matsuo(at)mleurope.com
Assist. GM Mr. F. Fukai
Assist. GM Mr. L. Huisman huisman(at)mleurope.com
Export, Projects Mr. R. Santos santos(at)mleurope.com
Import Mr. J. Haasjes haasjes(at)mleurope.com
Import Mr. F. Lubsen lubsen(at)mleurope.com
Warehousing/Import Mr. B. van Veelen vanveelen(at)mleurope.com
Accounting Mr. H. Bos bos(at)mleurope.com
Accounting Ms. S. Benic benic(at)mleurope.com
Accounting Ms. S. de Lange-de Pan depan(at)mleurope.com








MOERDIJK - Warehouse location

General Manager Mr. A. Matsuo
Operations Ms. S. van Ieperen vanieperen(at)mleurope.com
Operations Mr. M. Schoones schoones(at)mleurope.com



 GM Germany - Detlef Goldmann (located in Hamburg)
Airfreight Manager - Axel Frey (located in Frankfurt)
Accounting - Ina Doehrmann (located in Hamburg) 


GM Germany Mr. D. Goldmann  goldmann(at)mleg.de
OOG, Specials Mr. H. Dethlefsen dethlefsen(at)mleg.de
Supply Chains Mr. A. Schacht schacht(at)mleg.de
Export Sea Ms. D. Kunte kunte(at)mleg.de
Export Sea, Projects Mr. M. Mannes
Import Manager Ms. N. Herzog
Import Customer Service Ms. C. Stubbe stubbe(at)mleg.de
Import Customer Service Ms. N. Kurt kurt(at)mleg.de
Import Customer Service Mr. P. Bendfeldt bendfeldt(at)mleg.de

Warehousing /  Import See

Ms. J. Bielich bielich(at)mleg.de
Trainee Mr. C. Brueger brueger(at)mleg.de
Accounting Germany Ms. I. Doehrmann
Accounting Germany Ms. K. Winkelmann winkelmann(at)mleg.de










Managing Director Mr. S. Matsumura matsumura(at)mleurope.com
Station Manager Mr. A. Frey frey(at)mleg.de
Sales / Customer Service Ms. D. Schaetzke schaetzke(at)mleg.de

Import Air

Mr. K. Bausch bausch(at)mleg.de
Export Manager Mr. S. Beringer
Export Coordinator Mr. D. Panasenko panasenko(at)mleg.de









Sales  Europe Mr. T. Asai asai(at)mleg.de
Team Leader Customer Service Ms. S. Tueyluece tueyluece(at)mleg.de
Import Customer Service Ms. V. Stohrer stohrer(at)mleg.de
Import Customer Service Ms. A. Croitoriu croitoriu(at)mleg.de





WIESBADEN - in-factory location

Station Manager Ms. N. Bakker bakker(at)mleg.de
Export Operations Mr. D. Sommer
Export Operations Mr. P. May may(at)mleg.de






Assist. GM Mr. M. Sanada
Supervisor Import / Export Air Ms. A. Molino molinoa(at)mlei.it
Import/ Export Air Ms. M. Palumbo palumbom(at)mlei.it
Supervisor Import / Export Sea Mr. D. Patane pataned(at)mlei.it
Import / Export Sea Ms. A. Franco francoa(at)mlei.it
Quality Control Mr. L. Gaultieri gaultieril(at)mlei.it
Quality Control Ms. H. Yamazaki yamazakih(at)mlei.it
Quality Control Ms. S. Kudo kudos(at)mlei.it
Accounting Ms. Y. Kurobe yokok(at)mlei.it










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Fax: +31-10-4954033

Hamburg Tel.: +49-40-23881460
Fax: +49-40-23881489

Duesseldorf Tel.: +49-211-1710959
Fax: +49-211-1710962

Frankfurt Tel.: +49-69-650056-0
Fax: +49-69-650056-29

Milano Tel.: +39-02-2699-84204
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